This is an upgraded version of the famous Hans-panel, it is optimized for a higher current and delivers 15% more light than the standard 65 watt panel. Both versions belong to the very best on the market today, specially designed for small scale indoor growing of a few plants for personal use. You can optimise the spectrum and amount of light for 3 different phases of your plants life. There is a position for seedlings and cuttings, another is perfect for early flowering and mother plants and the third position is optimised for maximum flowering. Details about the different settings

My panels have no light losses caused by plastic covers or lenses in front of the led's, but they use patented reflectors instead. This 80 watt version will produce at least 50% more light than a 90 Watt UFO. The panels are available, directly from the manufacturer, price is 265U$ or 200€ for a 80 Watt panel, power supply included.

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Technical information

  • 71 Watt Cree XBD and Osram LH-CPDP LED Power, total power consumption max 85 Watt
  • YPFD 293 uMol/m2/s at 30 cm
  • 3 selectable positions; (1) Seedlings and cuttings, (2) Mothers and Early weeks of flowering, and (3) Full flowering position. Easily selectable by Switch
  • 4 Cree XBD Royal Blue, 17 Cree XBD 701 Red, 2 Cree XBD White and 10 Osram LH-CPDP DeepRed Led's
  • Each Led has it's own reflector, either 106 or 123 degrees, therefore optimal control of the light pattern
  • Metal Core PCB for the very best cooling
  • No light losses caused by glass or plastic barriers in front of the Led's
    - External waterproof power supply, no heat contribution to the Led's
  • Power supply with 2 meter cable, easily unpluggable.
  • Size 26 cm * 38 cm * 4 cm, 10" * 15" * 1.6"
  • Recommended maximum grow area 60*80 cm, 24" * 28"
  • Recommended distance from canopy, 10 to 50 cm, 4" to 12"
  • EU, USA or UK power supply included
  • Reflector easily demountable for cleaning
  • Solid construction, simple industrial design
  • Very quiet, only -45 dB at 60 cm, 24"
  • 2 year warranty
  • Shipping all around the planet

Download HansPanel Manual

 If you intend to use our products to grow or trim some marijuana plants for your personal use, please make sure it is legal to do so in your country.

3 LedGrow panels 80 Watt, 700 U$ plus 50 U$ shipping
1 LedGrow panel 80 Watt, 200 € plus 20 € shipping
2 LedGrow panels 80 Watt, 380 € plus 20 € shipping
3 LedGrow panels 80 Watt, 550 € plus 20 € shipping
1 LedGrow panel 80 Watt, 265 U$ plus 50 U$ shipping
2 LedGrow panels 80 Watt, 500 U$ plus 50 U$ shipping